Company Sale Documents

The Complete Guide to Company Sale Documents

You can sell a ready-made business with a reputation and a client base, or you can re-register an empty company to another person. In both cases, the companies are sold under the same rules. Check the complete guide to company sale documents in the article below.

How to Sell a Company? Necessary Documents and Stages of Sale

Almost every entrepreneur has thought of selling his business at least once. They do it for various reasons. Someone starts a company to later sell it for a lot of money. And someone dreams of starting a family business in order to pass it on to descendants but is forced to look for a new owner for it.

Buying shares is the same as buying the whole business. The buyer will receive everything: the name, contracts with customers, property on the balance sheet, staff, customer phone numbers, a contact group, and a freelance SMS person. You don’t need to do anything extra. In order to sell a document, it is important to follow the next steps:

  1. Negotiate with partners on the sale of the company.

In order to sell a company or a share in it to a third party, the participants in the company must hold a constituent meeting and record their decision in the minutes.

  1. Choose a method of sale and prepare documents.

When submitting documents online to the state tax duty, you cannot pay, and applications and protocols do not need to be certified by a notary.

  1. Tell the tax office about the change of head.

If the company has a new leader, this must be reported to the tax office. When the question of how to sell a company arises before our businessmen, the first dead end arises: what price to set?

Which Documents Do You Need to Sale the Company?

Modern literature teaches us that it is necessary to prepare in advance for the sale of a business. Many have probably heard stories about how an investor appears out of nowhere, ready to immediately buy a company. That is why, when wondering how to buy a company with a license, how to properly buy a ready-made business, studying sites for the sale of a ready-made business, and the necessary documents for the sale of a company, you should not rely solely on your own strength. The qualified assistance of experienced lawyers is exactly what businessmen need.

There can be many reasons for selling a business: from the founder’s desire to go on vacation to the fact that the sale was the founder’s original goal. In any case, it is important to clearly understand that selling a business is not the work of one day and one person but of a whole team. Keeping everyone involved in the sale on the same page is one of the most important aspects of closing a deal successfully. Selling a company is both a science and an art at the same time. Therefore, in my opinion, it is worth using the help of a professional investment banking advisor who will guide you throughout the sales process.

Among integral documents for a company’s sales are:

  • data on the value of the company’s property;
  • financial statements for the last 3–5 years;
  • information about the debts of the company and its counterparties;
  • information on the number and qualifications of employees;
  • list of clients.

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